9 Features a 2019 Software Must Have to Manage Your Manufacturing Business

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For a manufacturer, managing the operations and inventory can be tough. There are many departments in the company that need to be monitored. All team members need to be on the same page about what is going on. Let’s list how many processes need to be handled -

  • Production planning
  • Purchase
  • In house production
  • 3rd party job work orders
  • Warehouses
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Accounts

Manufacturing floor

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Added to the above operations is Inventory management. Inventory is tied up with almost all the processes listed above. Maintaining it on a system can be a challenging day to day task. Inventory can be managed to a large extent if all team members have access to right information in real time. Knowing about each purchase, production lot, and sales order status can greatly help operations team to be on the same page.

Handling all the departments from a single dashboard can be a daunting task for a company. It involves mapping of many offline processes to online software. The modern software is not just about capturing all the data and displaying it for the team. It is much more than that. It has the power of personalisation and collaboration. In today’s world, a software is a communications platform for the company.

Let’s see what all should the new age software have -

  • Custom Workflows - Map custom workflows according to the business in software
  • Task management - Assign tasks to team members, track completion and get performance reports
  • Approvals - For review of orders, products and rates by managers before finalisation
  • Notifications - For tasks such as order due dates, payments, delivery dates
  • Permissions - Control what parts of the software each team member has access to
  • Communication among team members - Leave comments, share reports, assign work to particular members
  • Reporting - build custom reports, visual representation, get reports by email
  • Accessibility on all devices - laptops, tablets and mobile
  • Real time updates from any location

At Sumtracker, we are designing a system keeping all of the above needs in mind. If you are a business owner looking to manage your operations effectively, then you should checkout Sumtracker. It is an easy to use system and a robust solution to handle your business. We are working with many manufacturers, traders and construction contractors. We would love to talk to you and understand how it can benefit your business too.

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