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Fabric inventory management is a complex task. This is because fabrics are available in many varieties. They are mostly sold and purchased in bulk. And they are very delicate to store and transport. We have worked with many fabric traders and provided them a solution which works very well. This is an introduction to the problem of fabric inventory tracking.

Fabric Warehouse

How is fabric sold?

Fabric is stored in rolls. Each roll is of a particular length measured in meters (m) or yards (yd). Most fabric traders sell cloth with a sale rate per meter. So inventory is tracked in meters of fabric available. If a trader has 5 rolls of blue cotton fabric of which 3 rolls are of 100m and 2 of 40m, total inventory is of 380m. Fabric traders often make bundles of multiple varieties of rolls. These bundle or Bales are easy to store and transport. And the fabric is also safe inside the bundle package.

Why is fabric inventory tracking challenging?

Fabric inventory management is complex because a trader cannot go to the warehouse and know how much fabric quantity is available just by counting rolls. He needs to know how much fabric is there on each roll. Then after adding all the fabric lengths final inventory level is known. There are huge number of different varieties of fabric which cannot be identified just by looking.

Another challenge is tracking packed bundles of fabric rolls. Each bundle needs a information tag about the fabric rolls packed inside. Without this information it is not possible to identify the correct bundle amongst so many.

It is not possible to know the inventory status of fabrics by physically counting. There needs to a software in place which can tell you fabric length for each roll and what is stored inside each unique bundle.

Fabric Packages A cotton bale with package no 560

What is batch wise inventory tracking?

Batches are groups of items of the same product which have same properties. For example you have 5 rolls of cotton fabric. Each roll has a unique manufacturing date, color and fabric length. To store information for each roll you will need batch wise inventory tracking. In the software you will create 5 batches, 1 for each roll.

A batch can have more than 1 item too. For example if there are 3 fabric rolls each with the same manufacturing date, color and length you need just 1 batch to store the information. This batch will have a inventory count of 3.

How can fabric inventory be tracked using batches?

Both fabric rolls and bundles can be tracked using batches. Batches will make finding inventory in warehouses super fast.

For each fabric roll a batch will be made. This batch will store all the information about that fabric roll. Each batch will have a unique barcode which will be pasted on the fabric roll.

When a fabric has to be retrieved from the warehouse a picking sheet will made with all the unique barcodes. Each barcode corresponds to a fabric roll. So when purchasing or selling fabric rolls you just need to select the batch.

For each fabric bundle a batch will be made. This batch will have a unique barcode and will store the information about what is stored inside this batch. When this batch is selected you can easily know how much fabric is packed inside bundles.

What are the benefits?

These are many benefits to use Sumtracker for batch wise fabric inventory tracking. The most important is accuracy in inventory tracking and physical retrieval of stock using unique barcodes.

  • You can get a detailed inventory report on each fabric variety that how many fabric rolls are in stock and what is the total fabric length in stock.
  • Each bundle has a unique barcode which can be used to track its location in the warehouse and retrive it. Sumtracker will also show what is stored in the bundle.
  • Using batches will remove any paperwork or labeling tasks. You just need to paste a barcode sticker once. Fabric length will keep getting updated for the batch as the fabric is sold.
  • Much faster operations using barcode scanners instead of physically checking each roll.
  • 100% accuracy in inventory data which can be used in sales to close deals faster.

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