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Case Study on Smartivity

Smartivity is a STEM toy brand. They make DIY toys and puzzles for children below 15 years of age. Smartivity is a high growth startup and they have raised several rounds of multi million dollar funding in the recent years.

Case Study on Tarpaulin Industry Software

A lot industries have very complex manner of managing inventory. We at Sumtracker enjoy solving complex problems faced by businesses. One such problem is that, the fabric industry specifically the tarpaulin industry have very different units of selling and storing. Fabric is sold in square yards, square feet, square meter and stored in kilograms.

Case Study on Fabric Inventory Management

Case Study on Fabric Inventory Management

Inventory management is very complex for the fabric industry. Businesses have to manage Thaan (roll) and bale (package) for moving and selling fabric. Thaan are rolls of fabric which have to be tracked meter wise. Bales are bundles of several Thaans. So we have to manage the inventory of fabric in the form of number of Thaans and bales along with the meter value in each of them.

Why did we make Sumtracker

Implementing software on business is a challenge for business owners. Being a business owner myself I can testify that any change in business processes is scary! Our family owns 2 electronics retail stores in Delhi. They are one of the top electronics stores in the New Delhi and we have a great reputation for customer satisfaction.