Bundle your best selling products to increase sales

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  The 80-20 rule also called the Pareto’s principal is applicable to your e-commerce sals too. Which means 20% of the products make up 80% of the sales. Well not exactly 80% but you get the idea. Why are we talking about bundles? Because your top 20% products can drive further sales for you by […]

How Etsy and Shopify Bundles Boost Sales

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You can maintain your business with consistency, but you can grow it with the right mix of consistency, risk, and experimentation.  Bundling is a technique used by online and offline retailers to manage their inventory more efficiently while boosting sales and profits. The method involves coupling products together to form a bundle or kit. However, […]

How Do Bundles and Kits Boost Your Sales?

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A whole process in the backend needs to go right for an eCommerce store to generate bundles and kits. It is crucial to get an inventory management system to handle the calculations and syncing.  Remember the time you ordered a ‘reel and camera’ combo while ordering your Instax camera on Amazon – a classic example […]

Bundles and kits inventory management for e-commerce

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Bundles are a group of items sold together as a single product. Some examples are a pack of 10 apples, a men’s shaving kit, a pair of jeans, combo pack of shoes and socks. Bundled items are great because they get you more sales. Customers love to buy complimentary items together at a discounted rate. […]