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Get all the essential inventory management features missing on Walmart


Skyrocket your Walmart store with Sumtracker!

An essential tool for your stores, Sumtracker’s automated inventory tasks can cut down your manual efforts. There’s a lower risk of error when your inventory is on autopilot with Sumtracker – syncs inventory on multiple stores, keeps same inventory duplicates listings, sends low stock alerts, prevents overselling, helps you with quick inventory updates, and cycle counts.  

You can learn what sells by experimenting with multiple listings of bundles and kits. Hit bulls eye with a combination that generates more sales for you while we take care of all the calculations and inventory updates. Try A/B testing with duplicate SKU listings and multiple bundle and kit combinations. 

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Features You Can Count On

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Multichannel Inventory Sync

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Bundles and Kits

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Purchase Orders

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Reporting & Analytics

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How Integration works

Connect your stores and your Inventory will be kept the same on all stores

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Connect Your Store

It takes a few seconds to connect your stores

Sync all your listings

Sumtracker auto-syncs all your listings from the Store

Turn on Sync

Inventory sync starts when you turn on the sync

Review Reports

Thats it! Get all your inventory updates in Sumtracker!

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Mal Badawi


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“I would put 6 stars if i could. Sumtracker has many bulk import and export capabilities and the bundles organisation and management is clear, clean, and simple. Also, many software companies give you an out of the box software which doesn’t always match everything you need. Highly recommend.”
Rated 5 Star
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You know you need Sumtracker when

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