FinancesOnline Directory Honors Sumtracker With 2 Recognitions for Inventory Management Software

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Kush Goyal

Mar 25, 2022 · 3 Min read

Awesome news everyone! (•◡•)/ Sumtracker has won the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards from FinancesOnline. Both awards are the result of our focus on getting results for our customers. Sumtracker is a young product and we are a small hard working team. We have big goals for providing cutting edge inventory management technology to businesses globally.

We really want to thank all our customers for giving us great feedback. And we appreciate that FinancesOnline studied our product, reviewed us under their online inventory management software category and honored us with 2 awards! (▰˘◡˘▰)

In addition to both awards, Sumtracker also landed a spot in their top 10 inventory management software systems list! At Sumtracker, we are innovating constantly and listening to customer feedback. Below are some highlights that sets us apart from the competition:

1. Custom features for industry specific needs

We have always listened to customer specific needs. For example: custom printing formats, custom order management, custom unit conversion formulae etc.

Every industry has specific methods of working. We make features to accommodate those methods so that the customer can work easily. The whole purpose of using a software is to automate calculations.

2. Clean and easy to use interface

Sumtracker UI UX is amazing to use because we spend a of time and effort in making it intuitive and fast.

Through great product design and technology Sumtracker is very fast in retrieving and posting data. We want to challenge the traditional approach of having B2B software that are ugly and hard to use.

3. Focus on inventory management and payments

Managing inventory and payments have the maximum impact on business growth. Sumtracker has advance features to manage both. Sumtracker is designed to reduce data entry mistakes. Managing fast flow of inventory is based on one click operations. Sumtracker has daily transaction logs and status updates for each step. This makes tracking very transparent.

4. G Suite integration

G Suite is an integral part of day-to-day working for many businesses. We studied Google APIs and features to create an innovative solution. Users can create alerts for payments and tasks using Sumtracker and Google calendar. Users can upload documents from their phones or computers to Google drive and link them to data in Sumtracker. Users can integrate Google spreadsheets with Sumtracker to do complex calculations. Now going ahead we are integrating Gmail support too.

Finances Online has highlighted the above advantages and much more in great detail on FinancesOnline’s Sumtracker review page.

We will continue to work hard to solve the problems of our customers and win more awards!


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