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Multichannel Inventory Sync

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Bundles and Kits

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Reporting & Analytics

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“I would put 6 stars if i could. Sumtracker has many bulk import and export capabilities and the bundles organisation and management is clear, clean, and simple. Also, many software companies give you an out of the box software which doesn’t always match everything you need. Highly recommend.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my monthly orders cross my plan limit?

Your account will remain active without any disruption. We will inform you of the number of additional orders received. You can upgrade to the new plan applicable.

How does Sumtracker manage kits and bundles inventory?

You have to define the composition of your bundle in Sumtracker. Inventory for bundles is auto calculated from the stock of its component products. When you receive an order, inventory of components is automatically reduced. The updated bundles stock is updated on store.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, you can update your plan or cancel it at any time.

At what intervals does Sumtracker sync inventory?

Sumtracker syncs inventory to your stores every 10 minutes.

Can Sumtracker create listings on my store?

No, Sumtracker cannot create listings for your stores. It can only update the inventory.

Does Sumtracker work with multiple stores?

Yes, you can connect as many stores as you wish! You will only be billed under one account.

When I install Sumtracker, will it start updating my store instantly?

No, you can safely install Sumtracker. It won’t push anything to your store. Sumtracker will start updating inventory only when you turn on the sync.

Can Sumtracker update prices of my listings?

No, Sumtracker cannot update pricing information. It only updates the inventory on your stores.

What support do you provide?

We have a dedicated support team for onboarding merchants to Sumtracker. We give video, phone and email support to our clients.


Still have questions?

If you would like to talk to us, discuss your requirements or take a personalized product demo, please schedule a call.

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