Mutli channel sync Bundles and kits Purchase Orders Reports and analytics | Sumtracker Inventory Management Software for E-commerce

Inventory management

Multiple locations

  • Maintain stock at multiple locations
  • Select locations per store for sync

Inventory adjustments

  • Adjust inventory in one click
  • Bulk update using excel sheet

Unfulfilled quantity

  • See unfulfilled quantity for each SKU
  • Auto update of stock on order fulfilment

Multiple online stores

Automatic product sync

  • Automatic creation of products in Sumtracker
  • Auto linking of duplicate SKU

Bundles and kits

  • Auto calculate inventory for bundles
  • Create bundles in bulk using excel

Automatic inventory sync

  • Use same inventory across stores


Purchase orders

  • Create and track purchase orders
  • Track due quantity

Goods receiving

  • Receive good partially
  • Track purchase cost

Supplier database

  • Create supplier database
  • Save payment terms and rates

Purchase returns

  • Return items to supplier
  • Track supplier return performance


Inventory log

  • Get log of each inventory change
  • User and time specific report

Historical inventory

  • Get inventory for any point in time

Sales reports

  • Get store wise sales report
  • Get SKU wise sales report

Purchase reports

  • Get supplier wise reports
  • Costing report for each SKU

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