Struggling with Customer Experience Issues on Shopify? Here is How Sumtracker Helps


Apr 05, 2022 · 4 Min read

You don’t argue with the customer, you delight them. For any eCommerce entrepreneur, customer is the king is not just a statement but a growth mantra.

In 2020, customer experience is one of the most important factors that fuel the growth of an online store. In fact, it is a key brand differentiator now according to a study by Walker.

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When customers are ready to pay more because of better customer experience, you need to up your CX game.

Sumtracker streamlines order fulfillment and inventory management, thus, helping you offer a delightful customer experience.

Sumtracker: The Tool That Makes It Easy to Delight

The biggest challenge that can disappoint your customers is receiving the wrong product or not getting anything at all.

Sumtracker helps you manage inventory and improve fulfillment rates for amazing end-user shopping experience.

Modern customer delight strategy stands on three important pillars –timely updates, fulfillment promise and quality assurance.

Let’s see how you can score high on all three with the help of Sumtracker inventory management solution:

Pillar 1: Timely Order Status Updates

What’s the worst nightmare of a Shopify store owner? Not able to fulfill customer orders on time, keeping the customer in dark and ultimately losing its reputation.

Sumtracker allows you to manage orders efficiently by giving you priority rules for order fulfillment and an automated workflow to ship them accurately in bulk.

From a single screen, you can fulfill, pack and ship orders in bulk, assign carriers & AWB numbers and sync directly with the warehouse inventory.

Sumtracker automatically tracks deliveries and shipment failures.

When any shipment fails, Sumtracker will notify you. You can create a replacement order, cancel/inform the customer about the delay, and/or raise a refund request with the shipment company. Sumtracker has detailed shipment RTO, failure and delivery report feature.

Sumtracker automatically notifies Shopify about the shipment status and creates a fulfillment request. In case of COD orders, Sumtracker automatically marks the order as paid, on successful delivery.

As Sumtracker helps you get a detailed idea about every order, you can notify the customers about the order status, efficiently.

Trust us when we say this, transparency in order updates makes any customer happy as they are not hanging in dilemma after paying online.

Pillar 2: Fulfillment Promise for the Right Product

Sumtracker is an integrated inventory management system that syncs to your Shopify store. This means you needn’t worry about live inventory levels on your eCommerce store.

Barcode-based picked items ensure that the correct product is packed in every shipment.

With picklists and bulk manifest generation, Sumtracker makes it easy to compare ordered vs packed products in any shipment.

Sumtracker restricts expired goods to be packed or shipped to any customer. It automatically picks batches as per first expiry first out (FEFO) order, thus ensuring your stock does not get expired before reaching the customer. It helps you keep a track of the batch number and expiry dates across your entire product line.

With Sumtracker, packaging errors due to human negligence can be minimized. You know how important this is. Right?

Your customers would love you when they receive what they had ordered. Seems simple but we have all seen big eCommerce goofing this up often. So, secure your customer experience by timely shipping the right product to your customer.

Pillar 3: Quality Assurance

With Sumtracker, you can have your own quality assurance system at your warehouse. Quality control features allow you to remove faulty items from the stock which means items marked as faulty cannot be picked for packing.

You’ll be able to see the expired goods status and halt the shipment of faulty products.

With the help of internal quality control and real-time inventory sync with your Shopify store, you can be sure that your customers never have a bad experience- something that you don’t want them to associate with your brand.

Wrapping Up

An increase in the number of orders on your store can make it hard for you to promise a consistent experience. Sumtracker helps you manage product and inventory efficiently.

With Sumtracker by your side, you can ensure that when a customer orders something from your store, they get what they paid for, every single time.

On top of it all, you can integrate Sumtracker with your Shopify store, Amazon seller account, accounting system and shipping & logistics provider for easy omnichannel operations. Seems like a dream, right?

Try Sumtracker now and see how you can scale up exponentially without worrying about backend inventory management.

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