What is Warehouse Management System?

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Kush Goyal

Mar 27, 2022 · 4 Min read

At any given time there is more value of products stored in warehouses than there are in the homes of consumers. Every manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and retailer manages a warehouse. Warehouse is a broad term now, there are many different kinds of warehouses. Checkout the wikipedia page on warehouses to read about some of them. In this article we are mainly talking about how to manage a warehouse so that it is easy to store and fetch goods in the most efficient way.

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How are goods stored and fetched in a warehouse?

Typically a warehouse has racks. People keep goods of the same type together. And they stack goods as they come. There is a sorting area where goods are sorted so that they can be kept at the right racks.

For large scale operations the warehouse management software generates a sheet which tells the staff where to put the items in the warehouse. This helps keep the warehouse organised and operational.

When an order comes, a picking sheet is prepared to pick the goods. A picking sheet is a list of products to pick with rack location. Picking sheets are generated to make it faster to pick items for orders.

If a warehouse has very little variety of products, a picking sheet is not needed. A picking sheet is essential when the warehouse is big and has many different variety of products.

A picking sheet plays an important role in efficient operations. Companies like Amazon use robots to do the picking. They use complex algorithms to decide the picking order and route so that robots do not collide and create traffic.

In simpler warehouse operations humans do the picking. Humans fortunately do not need complex algorithms to operate. So in case of humans the main features we need in a picking sheet are:

  • Picking list – List of products with rack and shelf name
  • Picking route – which tell how to navigate the warehouse
  • Picking order – which item to pick first

Picking order is determined from the picking route. A route helps to keep the total time to complete the picking minimum. It helps the staff to complete the task with minimum travel distance thus it improves performance and saves time.

How does Sumtracker solve warehouse management?

In Sumtracker you can create multiple warehouses. For each warehouse you can create many rack locations. Each rack location is a unique location in the warehouse. Below is the screenshot of how stock is displayed warehouse wise.

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In Sumtracker you can know exactly where in the warehouse an item is stored. For perishable goods it best to maintain the batch number of items with expiry date.

During purchase of stock of you can mention the rack location. The stock will get updated at this rack location and warehouse. During sales the rack location gets auto selected.

Sumtracker will automatically pick the oldest batch number so that there is no expired stock left in the warehouse.

You can set the default rack locations for each product. So that when taking goods inwards in the warehouse sumtracker will provide information on where to put the items.

To provide the picking route the software should know the warehouse floor plan. Then the software can generate the optimum route for picking.

If you have multiple warehouses you can choose if you want to track rack locations for each warehouse or not.

With the current feature set, Sumtracker warehouse inventory management system is best for ease of operations without compromising operational efficiency.

Based on your custom needs we can build custom features for you. To know more about Sumtracker and how can we help you manage your inventory and operations email us at


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