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#1 TradeGecko Alternative for Your Business

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By Ankit | May 23, 2022 | 7 Min read
tradegecko alternative

Having an online inventory management platform that automatically ties everything together – from sales, orders, and purchases to other multiple inventories can cut down your efforts by 80% and your error rate by 95%. 

In many ways, automated inventory management is a prerequisite to scaling your business through eCommerce platforms. Intuitive systems for inventory management help you manage your orders, tasks, and vendors effortlessly while enabling you to sync multiple inventories in one place. 

In the era where the demand for smart inventory management software is ever-growing, Intuit’s decision of retiring TradeGecko (QuickBooks Commerce) as a standalone software from June 10’ 2022, left customers perplexed. After acquiring the former cloud inventory and order management platform to add omnichannel e-commerce capabilities in 2020, Intuit has decided to shut down TradeGecko. 

What does this mean for your business?

As per the latest mails rolled out by QuickBooks to its customers, businesses outside of the United States will not be able to use TradeGecko altogether. After the initiation of the shutdown, the only way to use TradeGecko will be to subscribe to QuickBooks Commerce under the QuickBooks Online umbrella. But the service is restricted only to businesses in the US. 

As for businesses outside the US:

  • You will lose access to TradeGecko services even if you wish to continue using them. 
  • You will also lose TradeGecko services on integrated account packages. This also applies to customers who wish to use TradeGecko via QuickBooks integrations. 

Helping impacted businesses is our priority.

We’re stepping up to help the affected businesses transition smoothly to a TradeGecko alternative. If you’re outside of the US, and your business, too, has taken a hit due to the TradeGecko sunset, read on to find out the perfect TradeGecko alternative to make the switch.

What could you use TradeGecko for?

Technological advancements over time have caused seismic shifts in how businesses run and scale and also in customer expectations. The idea of ‘commerce everywhere’ is that any time, any place, and any device can be used to purchase goods or services. 

Commerce is not just a physical experience anymore. In the high stakes world of eCommerce, retailers need to have a way to track every transaction, inventory stock, and buying pattern in order to keep up with customer expectations, which is what inventory management software like Sumtracker and TradeGecko help them achieve. 

TradeGecko was a go-to for retailers from a multitude of industries. Here are some key features provided by TradeGecko which helped eCommerce businesses smoothly manage their inventory: 

  • Multichannel Sales Management: Manage sales on multiple e-commerce sales channels. 
  • Inventory Control: Automatically update inventory stock levels in accordance with sales and purchases across multiple warehouses.  
  • Purchase Order Management: Automated inventory updates as per purchases and orders. 
  • Inventory Reports: Get real-time insights into your inventory movements. 
  • Accounting: Integrate your inventory with TradeGecko’s accounting system for automated invoicing. 

With the shutdown set in motion, you may want to find a TradeGecko alternative well in time – a software that provides similar or better functionality and ease. So what should one consider when comparing the various inventory management platforms?  

What to consider when evaluating a TradeGecko alternative?

Automated inventory management can be instrumental when you’re planning to scale your business. But it is crucial to choose the right software as a TradeGecko alternative that the business needs better. Here’s what you should consider when evaluating different inventory management software: 

  • Analyze your requirements: Understand your requirements, figure out the challenges that you wish to overcome in managing your inventory, and research software that offers these solutions. For instance, ask yourself if you want low stock alerts. If you do, find platforms that offer this feature. 
  • Assess how well the features fit your requirements: Switch to software that resonates with your business needs. Small businesses seldom require a complicated set of tasks. With Sumtracker, you get all the features you need to seamlessly manage your inventory, without the unnecessary jargon – automatically sync inventories across multiple channels in real-time, create bundles and kits, and monitor low stock alerts with a single software. 
  • Check the usability: Ensure that the software you choose is easy to navigate for all users who will have access to your inventory. Sumtracker has overcome some of the most common, yet overlooked, usability challenges with its pre-defined automated tasks, bulk upload capabilities and excel compatibility – a one-stop control panel that helps you maneuver all your inventory processes. 
  • Scope of integration: It is crucial to choose an inventory management system that supports integrations with channels that you already use. Sumtracker supports integrations with a wide variety of eCommerce marketplaces to help you stay on top of your inventory.
  • Consider the software cost: Cost is a crucial factor when choosing inventory management software, especially for small businesses on a budget. Complex systems are often more expensive and contain features that you may not commonly use. So, choose software that caters to your use case and helps you streamline your processes straightforwardly to cut down on avoidable costs.
  • After-sales support: When choosing a TradeGecko alternative, the last thing you want is to be left alone trying to figure out how to use it. If you face a challenge finding your purchase transactions or cannot figure out how to monitor low-level stock notifications, you expect the problem to be resolved quickly. SumTraker ensures that you get round-the-clock support for all your inventory management woes. 

Transitioning to the best TradeGecko alternative: Sumtracker

Are you thinking about transitioning from TradeGecko to the #1 TradeGecko alternative? We can help you figure it out! 

Here’s what makes Sumtracker the perfect TradeGecko alternative:

  • Automated multi-channel inventory sync: Automated inventory sync across multiple channels saves your resources the hassle of manually updating inventory levels. Besides, automatic inventory sync eradicates the possibility of human error. When your inventory does the work for you, you get more time to focus on the growth of your business. 
  • Purchase order tracking: Create, track, or return purchase orders with predefined functions at a button’s click. 
  • Effortlessly manage inventory stock: Ease the process of inventory management with automated calculation and optimization bundles and kits. Sync duplicate SKUs and track unfilled and physical stock with one single software that supports bulk excel uploads. 
  • Inventory Forecast: Draw insights from your inventory reports, and work with data-driven projections for your inventory stock. When we crunch the numbers, you get results. 

Sumtracker – the TradeGecko alternative you can count on

Sumtracker ensures that you have the right amount of stock at the right time. Streamline your operations with automated multi-channel inventory sync, optimized bundles and kits, timely low stock alerts, and real-time insights into your inventory variations with one central hub.

A success story to help you find your way:

Business – Ozdingo

Country – Australia

Ozdingo had been using Tradegecko for the longest time before the news of its retirement hit the globe. They deal with thousands of SKUs and a sky-high order volume. We helped them transition to Sumtracker smoothly and they have been delighted ever since.

I would put 6 stars if I could. Sumtracker has many bulk import and export capabilities and the bundles organization and management are clear, clean, and simple. Also, many software companies give you out-of-the-box software which doesn’t always match everything you need. With Sumtracker, the team is always open to improve their software and listen to suggestions and actually update their software to benefit everyone. I’m sure Ankit and the team will go very far with this app. Highly recommend.

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