design features

Features that you can count on

Multichannel Inventory Sync

  • Auto sync inventory across all online stores
  • All listings having the same SKU are updated with same inventory
  • Inventory for refunds and cancellations automatically handled

Bundles and Kits

  • Auto-update inventory of bundles based on their components stock
  • Create as many bundles as you want having common components
  • Sales reporting for bundle components

Purchase Orders

  • Manage POs with Draft, Incoming and Closed Status
  • Receive stock partially against POs
  • Know incoming stock
  • Get email notifications when POs are due

Inventory Reporting

  • Get a detailed log of all inventory movements for each product.
  • Know the component sales that were sold through bundles
  • Extensive sales and purchase reports for all stores

Multiple Locations

We support multiple locations on Shopify. You can manage your stock across different locations.

Low Stock Alerts

Get notified by email everyday for products below threshold.

Purchase Price Lists

Save multiple purchase prices for each product, along with supplier, supplier SKU, currency, pack size and MOQ

User Permissions

Control permissions to change stock levels, or product information

Bulk imports and Exports

Sumtracker is equipped to handle your bulk imports and exports with ease

API Access

For enterprise accounts only Get access to REST API to update inventory on Sumtracker