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Orders Management

Serve your customers better.
Sumtracker will make your order fulfillment process robust. You will be able to listen and respond to your customers much faster.

Faster order fulfillment

Track all your orders in sumtracker with ease. Note down detailed exact order requirements without mistakes. Partially fulfill orders and track quantity shipped vs due. Never miss deliveries by getting daily reports and notifications.

Inventory at fingertips

Get stock status when creating any sales or purchase order. Know how much stock is on order vs how much is in stock. Know exactly when and how much stock to purchase. Track stock at multiple locations.

More accountability

Sumtracker shows who created and edited the voucher. You can set detailed permissions to control data access. Get detailed reports to track daily entries. Sumtracker has approval system to catch mistakes, you can set approval restrictions on user actions.

How do we track orders?

Get status of stock if it has been shipped from the warehouse and received by the customer or if it is in transit.

Partially fulfill and receive orders. Sumtracker will track the due quantity in the order.

Get order due status, payments status. You can enter and track all the information related to the order and retrieve the data quickly.

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Sales and purchase
Order statuses
Tags and attributes
Inventory tracking
Barcode support
Multiple location support
Multi currency support
Partial order fulfillment
Multiple POS
Returns and refunds
Payments and Ledgers
Reports and analytics

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